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Understanding the Different Types of Mud Gauges
Oct 27,2021
Whether drilling on land or in an offshore drilling rig, you want something that observes and monitors the pressure and allows the driller or operator to observe pressure while working on drilling or offshore oil rigs.

If you want to learn more about the types of mud pressure gauges available in the market, here’s our comprehensive guide to help you understand them better and make an informed decision whenever you’re purchasing one for your drilling or oil rig.

Compound Pressure Gauges
Compound Pointer Pressure Gauge systems are generally used to indicate the pressure of the pump in cementing operations. This type of gauge comes with two pointers, where one turns a complete 360 degrees while the other has a precise resolution for minute pressure changes.

All our Compound Pointer Pressure Gauge systems come with fluid in the casing to ensure stability, steadiness, and accuracy even with high vibrations and movements. You can also adjust the system for a more sensitive pointer.

Single Pointer Pressure Gauges
Much like Compound Pointer Pressure Gauge systems,the Single Pointer Pressure Gauge system is also used to indicate changes in the pump’s pressure. It comes with a remote indicator that receives pressure signals up to 15,000 PSI for maximum accuracy when it comes to pressure readings.

This pressure system also comes with a fluid-filled case for added accuracy, stability, and protection from heavy movements and vibration.

Type F Mud Gauge
The Type F Mud Gauges can be mounted on mud pumps and offer a variety of applications. They’re extremely reliable, durable, and sturdy with their 20,000 PSI reading, making them some of the precise pressure readers out there.

If you’re looking for quality mud gauges, weight indicator systems, and pressure systems, we’re the way to go.

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