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How to inspect thermowell of bimetal thermometer?
Oct 20,2021
The thermowell of bimetallic thermometer is set outside the temperature measuring element, and can also be installed in advance on the device with pressure which is inconvenient to disassemble. It can resist the pressure and corrosion of the measuring medium, and make the bimetallic thermometer and other instruments working normally.

The thermowell of bimetal thermometer is an instrument protection device, which can isolate the instrument from the measured medium, improve the service life of the instrument, and can conveniently repair and replace the instrument when the device is running, without stopping the machine for replacement, which plays a good role in protecting the safety of the installation workers.

The thermowell of bimetal thermometer is connected by thread: it refers to the processing of external thread at the end of the pipe according to the specified thread standard, which is screwed together with the pipe fittings with internal thread.

How to inspect the thermowell of bimetal thermometer?

The specification, material and length of internal thread and external thread shall meet the requirements of the drawing. The appearance (visual inspection) shall be free of burr and crack, and the visible parts shall be free of obvious defects.

Thread gauge should be used to inspect internal thread specification and external thread specification. Thread gauge is divided into go & no-go gauge and thread plug gauge.

Inspect inner thread of thermowell with plug gauge

Inspect external thread of thermowell with go and no-go gauges