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3 Different Types of Pressure Gauges Used in Drilling Industry
Nov 17,2021
Asking someone how many types of pressure gauges there are is only half a question. It can be said that there are two types of pressure gauges, analog and digital. In fact, pressure gauges can also be classified based on the working principle. Similarly, pressure gauges are also classified based on their usage.

Even though the pressure gauge technology has improved a lot, it’s surprising that the Bourdon-tube gauge, which was invented in 1850, is still one of the most widely used pressure gauges.

For this blog, however, we’ll take a look at the different types of pressure gauges used in the drilling industry.

Standpipe Pressure Gauges
Standpipe pressure gauge is one of the most commonly used pressure gauges in the drilling industry. It is typically used for mud pumps, pump trucks, standpipes, and choke manifolds.

These gauges are very durable, highly accurate, and feature a built-in damping mechanism, which means they can record even the smallest of pressure changes.

Single Pointer Pressure Gauges
Typically, these gauges are used to indicate pump pressure and can be used in a variety of applications. These gauges are reliable and precise and can measure up to 15,000 psi.

These gauges also have features such as added dampening protection and user-adjustable damping to fine-tune the pointer sensitivity.

A variation of the single pointer gauge is the compound pressure gauge, which features two pointers for improved sensitivity and pressure measurement.

Electronic Pressure Gauges
Electronic pressure gauges are becoming increasingly popular in the drilling industry for a number of reasons. These gauges are essentially coil tubing gauges and are specifically designed for the oil rigs’ coil tubing applications.

Typically, electronic pressure gauges feature an analog dial that displays the pump pressure, whereas the digital display shows the total number of strokes.

The question, however, is that why should drilling companies switch to electronic pressure gauges? As drilling operations have to deal with higher pressure ranges, these are potentially dangerous for the operators. However, the use of electronic gauges removes the presence of high-pressure lines from the proximity of operators.Furthermore, the electronic gauges offer higher accuracy and have high/low alarms as well for improved safety.

Where to Get the Best Pressure Gauges?
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