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Company Profile
Millennium Instruments Limited is recognized ISO 9001-2015 manufacturer of temperature and pressure instrumentation. We provide variety of Pressure Gauges,Temp. Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, RTDs, Thermocouples, Thermowells to a variety of process market.

Our reputation is built on high quality products, quick standard lead times, and exceptional customer support. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with complete satisfaction, from the first phone call to the design and quality of the instrument they receive. Millennium Instruments Ltd provides both standard and application specific products and is ready and willing to find a solution to all of your temperature and pressure measurement needs.
We continuously combine the industry’s most advanced technology and diversified experiences to satisfy our customers with qualified products.
We strive to provide reliable, high-quality products that help our customers achieve their goals. We are on the mission to be a top-rank global brand in the process.
We believe that engineering is about solving problems for people, and our vision is to be a company that puts people first in everything we do, whether it's designing products that enhance their lives or creating a workplace that fosters creativity, collaboration, and personal development.
Core Values
  • Integrity in Everything We Do.
  • Enthusiasm about Serving Our Customers.
  • Passion for Getting Better.
  • Flexible and Resourceful.
  • Friendly and Positive Attitude.
  • Environment Friendly Practices.
Oil, Gas, & Refining
This industry includes the processes of exploration, extraction, refining and transportation of petroleum products. It is usually divided into two major components: upstream and downstream.

Millennium Instruments Ltd manufactures a variety of pressure and temperature instruments, which are used in both upstream and downstream applications. This market is known for high pressure applications, which commonly produce process pressures of 10,000psi +. Diaphragm seals are often used to protect pressure instruments (pressure gauges, transmitters, & switches) from high pressures, pulsation, and corrosion. Remote capillary diaphragm seal assemblies are helpful in removing pressure instrumentation from high temperature processes or high vibration areas.

Common Applications:
Oil Refineries, Offshore Oil Rigs, Piping systems, Pipelines.
Power Generation
Electricity is usually generated at power plants by electromechanical generators, primarily driven by heat engines fueled by chemical combustion or by flowing water or wind. Energy can also be generated by solar photovoltaics and geothermal power.

MIEPLs Thermocouples, RTD’s, and Bimetal thermometers are used in every corner of this industry. Power generation can create extreme process conditions including: high temperatures, high vibration, & shock.. Weld pad thermocouples are common in this industry. Millennium Instruments Ltd offers weld pad styles, bends, and expansion loops. They are often used in boilers, and other piping applications.

Common Applications:
Turbines, Generators, Transformers, Compressors, Boilers, Pumps, Piping systems, Furnace Systems.
Food & Beverage
The Food & Beverage industry takes raw ingredients and processes them into products suitable for consumption by people or animals.

Temperature and pressure instrumentation are used throughout this industry. Applications that come into direct contact with food/beverage products are typically required to meet sanitary standards. Sanitary products are easily identified by their tri-clamp (or tri-clover) process connection. This connection is favored because it’s easily cleaned and sanitized during routine shut-downs, unlike the standard threaded connections. Sanitary pressure gauges, thermometers, RTD’s, and thermowells are found in just about every food and beverage processing plant you’ll find.

Common Applications:
Filters, Piping systems, Boilers, Tank level.
Water & Wastewater
Water treatment is the process of manipulating or cleaning water for a specific use. Typical uses include: water for drinking, industrial processes, medical use, wastewater treatment, and returning water to the environment.

The instrumentation Millennium Instruments provides to this industry is largely related to pressure. Process and industrial pressure gauges are by far the most common product sold in this market. The All-Welded Seal Gauge (pressure gauge and diaphragm seal welded together) is another commonly used product in this market. Available with a Hastelloy lower which protects the gauge from chlorine service and other corrosive chemicals used in the treatment process.

Common Applications:
Filters, Pumping stations, Piping Systems, Chemical Skids.