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The Most Important Things About Electric Contact Pressure Gauge
Jun 05,2020
The SE model contact pressures with electric alarm contacts are suitable for controlling or regulating process sequences. The contact opens and closes electric circuits when it comes to the location of the pointer at the strain gauge. Our touch strain gauges with bourdon tube system are used at technique pressures of about 1kg/cm2 and upwards. The materials used make the gauges suitable for chemically competitive gases or liquids, even though these won't be too viscous or be at risk of crystallization. The cheaper attempted and examined bourdon tube system coupled with cutting-edge modular precept offers a very dependable but much less luxurious contact pressure gauge. Electrically powered alarm touch is used as magnetic snap-motion contacts, mainly in harsh business conditions. The high contact strain and the selection of different electrical contact substances permit excessive currents to be switched reliably. If the electric switching areas of the alarm contacts are handed or not reached a relay is to be used to offer an appropriated modern rating. Inductive alarm contacts function without bodily contact and consequently don't have any detrimental consequences for the stress measuring machine on the identical time as having endless service lifestyles.

General specification of Electric Contact Pressure Gauge:-

A manipulate unit is usually had to carry out these contracts. Touch pressure gauges with inductive alarm touch can be applied in probably explosive atmospheres, supplied that the proper policies are complied with. .if you are looking for Food Process Industries / Hygienic Applications then find best electromagnetic flow meter Dealers which has the good information about Water treatment plants, Iron and Steel Industries, General Mechanical Engineering Industries, Rubber Molding / Processing Plants, Chemical process industries.They will help you out in choosing best Temperature Transmitter Suppliers and Temperature Transmitter Exporters.

EP model contact pressure gauges with electrical contacts are suitable for controlling and regulating process sequences. The contact opens and closes electrical circuits in relation to the position of the pointer on the pressure gauge. Contact pressure gauges with bourdon tube system are used at process pressures of approximately 1 kg/ and upwards. The materials used to make the gauges are suitable for chemically aggressive gases or liquids, although these may not be too viscous or be susceptible to crystallization which long lasting and very easy to use. The tried and tested bourdon tube system coupled with modular contacts provides a very reliable contact pressure gauge. Electrical alarm contacts which are used for magnetic snap action contacts, especially in harsh industrial conditions which are very tough, the high contact pressure and the choice of different electrical contact materials enables high currents to be switched reliably. If the electric switching capacities of the contacts are exceeded or now not reached, a relay is for use to provide the appropriated contemporary rating. If you are looking products dealers like Diaphragm pressure gauge dealer in Noida Best Pressure Transmitter Suppliers, Pressure Transmitter exporter, Pressure Transmitter supplier in Delhi NCR.

The benefit of Using Electric Pressure Gauge:-
1. The Modular construction system ensures high reliability and long service life.
2. Due to stainless steel design here is Chemical resistance Very good.
3. The Contact Accuracy of every class is near about 1,6 % of FS standard and Casing, Stainless Steel 304 standard.
4. Stainless Steel Measuring System which is very good looks wise.
5. Up to four-alarm contact possible as an option which is more comfortable.
6. This is well suitable for the programmable controller.

Area of Application:-  
Widely used in Petroleum industries m, Thermal / Hydro Power Stations, Hydraulics and Pneumatics systems.