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How to Choose the Best Digital Pressure Gauges
Jan 03,2020
In most of the differential pressure measurement applications, various pressure gauges or sensors are used. These instruments are used primarily to convert the pressure differential into an electrical signal. Vapors, gases, suspensions, the density of liquids, level, and pressure can be easily measured using the principle of a given load.

Many pressure gauges can be bought for many applications. That is why you will find out that some individuals prefer an analog gauge or sensor while others go for a digital version. For you to understand what type of indicator will work best for your application, the following are some of the facts about the differential pressure sensor.

Types of Pressure Gauges
Pressure gauges come in different types. As a user, you should identify the correct type of a pressure sensor you need depending on your current application. But if you are new to this industry, you can face some challenges in identifying the right type you need. Make sure that you have a basic understanding of pressure types before you buy yours. Here are some of the models you need to know.

Gauge Pressure
When you are planning to measure all the pressures that are relative to the atmospheric pressure, gauge pressure is the right alternative to consider. However, before you buy it, remember that it changes with the weather. In simpler terms, you will note that it only measures positive pressures.

Compound Pressure
Another common type of pressure sensors is compound pressure. This type is similar to gauge pressure because it is vented to the atmosphere. Based on its features, it uses atmospheric pressure as its primary reference point. But unlike the gauge pressure, you will find out that this type of pressure sensor measures both the positive pressure and vacuum.

Sealed Pressure
As the name suggests, this model is sealed that is why it is not vented to the atmosphere. When you arrive at the market place, you will find out that its reference chamber is sealed at the factory mainly to offer enough protection to the internal electronics. Most of the sealed pressure gauges measure only positive pressure.

Absolute Pressure
The absolute pressure is not vented. Also, it is different from the other types because its chamber is sealed but under a full vacuum. With this reason, you will note that it considers even the vacuum pressures as positive measures.

If you will be using these instruments in pumps that deal only with vacuum pressures, keep note that you will just need two types of pressure gauges that is the Absolute and the Compound pressure gauge. That is why you should have enough knowledge on how these gauges work before you buy one.

The Cost
For you to buy the best pressure gauge, you need to have enough amount of money required. That is why you are required to consider the cost of these instruments before you make up your mind. Consider your budget and set aside the exact money you are willing or ready to spend on these instruments.