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MDS13 Wafer Seal - Pan-cake Type



MIEPL Wafer Seal used in Paper and Pharma Industries and in higly viscous application. Seals are mounted with pressure gauges, process transmitters, pressure switches etc.mounted with pressure gauges, process transmitters, pressure switches etc. By using diaphragm seals, the measuring instruments can be used at extreme temperatures from -40 to +370 °C .They are used on line fitment depending on various pipe line sizes.

Product Code : MDS13
Special Features:
  • Flush fitment in pipeline.
  • welded flush diaphragm.
  • Optional flushing ring.
  • Optional exotic materials.
  • Slurry applications.
  • Transmitter refurbishment.
  • Standard Product Details
  • Product Brochure
Standard Specifications
Range type : -1...250 bar
Wafer material : AISI 316 SS
Diaphragm : AISI 316L SS
Instrument connection : 1/2" NPT (F)
Sealing fluid : Silicon DC 710 [7°C to 371°C]
Process connection : 2" RF flange connection
Assembly : Remote
Capillary : AISI 304 SS
Armour : AISI 304 SS
Remote mounting length : 2000 mm