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MTT19 Thermocouple Assembly - With Integral Collar

Skin Type


MIEPL make MTT19 Thrmocouple Assembly with Intgregral Collar. This type of thermocouple specially design to measure skin temperature of Heater Tube and Flate surface . Typical application to measurement of surface temperature of refcactory lined vessel, tank and reactors in Oil & Gas..

Product Code : MTT19
Special Features:
  • Mineral insulated.
  • Spring loaded design for positive contact..
  • Available in all sheath diameters and sheath material.
  • Mineral insulation enables Thermocouples to be used at high temperature..
  • Enclosures in all material - Die cast Aluminium / cast iron/SS 304/SS 316.
  • Enclosures in all categories (Weatherproof, IP-65to IP- 68),Flameproof GR.IIA IIB and Explosionproof, GR. IIA IIB IIC For Hserviceapplication.
  • This design is specifically used to measure skin temperature of heater Tube or flat surface. Typical applications are measurement of surface temperture of refractory lined vessels, Columns, reactor in pertrochemical Plants and oil refineries and Pipelines.
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Standard Specifications
Element : Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Accuracy : Standard to ISA & ANSI MC96.1
No. of sensors : Simplex
Hot junction : Ungrounded
Sheath material : AISI 316 SS
Sheath diameter : 6.0 mm
Terminal head type : Screwed type, weatherproof, IP-65
Terminal head material : Die-cast aluminum mm
Cable entry : ¾" ET (F), 1 No.
Mounting Type : Bracket Mounting for Head
Weld Pad Size : 30 mm X 19 mm X 10 mm
Weld Pad Material : AISI 316 SS/td>
Total Length : 3000 mm/td>