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MTR09 Surface Mount RTD Assembly - Weld-pad Mounting

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MIEPL Make RTD MTR09 accurately sense temperature with an excellent degree of repeatability and interchange ability of elements. The RTD is composed of certain metallic elements whose change in resistance is a function of temperature. This type of RTDs are used to measure surface temperature . A pad is avaible to sensing temperature.

Product Code : MTR09
Special Features:
  • Weld-Pad connection.
  • Mineral insulated.
  • Exchangeable insert.
  • Spring loaded design.
  • Surface temperature.
  • Measurement of Heater tubes on flat surfaces.
  • Power & Utilities.
  • Standard Product Details
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Standard Specifications
Elements : Pt-100,class B
Range : -200...400°C
Wire combination : Simplex, 3 Wire
Sheath material : AISI 316 SS
Sheath diameter : 6.0mm
Head enclosure : Weatherproof, IP 65, threaded cover
Enclosure material : Die-cast aluminum
Cable entry : ¾" ET (F), 1 No.
Mounting type : Bracket Mounting for Head
Weld pad size: 50 mm X 25 mm X 25 mm
Weld pad material: AISI 316 SS
Total length: 350 mm