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MTR13 Multi - Point RTD Assembly - With Protecting Tube, With Guide Tube, With Spring Loading Arrangement



MIEPL make Multipoint RTD MTR 13 Assembly is special type of RTD. This type of RTD have bunch of RTDs and arranged in Protecting Tube for protection of RTDs. This type RTDs are used in Oil, Gas & Chemical industries in critical application areas.

Product Code : MTR13
Special Features:
  • Mineral insulated.
  • Available in all Sheath Diameters.
  • Mineral Insuation Enables Flexibility and Durability.
  • Enclosures in all Material-Die cast Aluminium / Cast Iron / SS 304 / SS 316.
  • Enclosures in all Catergories (Weatherproof, IP-65 to IP- 68,lameproof Gr. IIA,IIB,and Explosionproof, Gr. IIA, IIB, IIC for Hservice application.).
  • These assemblies find application in Refinery & Petrochemical Plants Which includes catalytic crackers, lime kilns, distillation columns pressurised reactor Vessels.
  • Standard Product Details
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Standard Specifications
Elements : Pt-100,class B
Range : -200...400°C
Wire combination : Simplex, 3 Wire
Sheath material : AISI 316 SS
Sheath diameter : 6.0mm
Head enclosure : Weatherproof, IP 65, threaded cover
Enclosure material : Die-cast aluminum
Cable entry : ¾" ET (F), 1 No.
Head extension : Tri-clamp connection
Protecting tube material: AISI 316 SS
Immersion Length: 150mm
Extension Length: 50mm
Process connection type: Adjustable
Process connection: 1½" Tri-clamp