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MTT04 Industrial Thermocouple Assembly - Adjustable Threaded



MIEPL make MTT04 Thermocouples are the most common, convenient, and versatile devices used to measure temperature. They convert units of heat into useable engineering units that serve as input signals for process controllers and recorders. A thermocouple consists of a welded 'hot' junction between two dissimilar metals, usually wires and a reference junction at opposite ends of the parent materials. This type of Thermocouple have adjustable Threaded Connector. Mainly used in Power, Chemical,steel and Oil Industries.

Product Code : MTT04
Special Features:
  • Adjustable extension.
  • Mineral insulated.
  • Transmitter mountable.
  • Exchangeable insert.
  • Spring loaded design.
  • Chemical & petrochemical.
  • Oil & gas application.
  • Water, waste-water treatment.
  • Power & Utilities.
  • Standard Product Details
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Standard Specifications
Element : Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Accuracy : Standard to ISA & ANSI MC96.1
No. of sensors : Simplex
Hot junction : Ungrounded
Sheath material : AISI 316 SS
Sheath diameter : 6.0 mm
Terminal head type : Threaded, weatherproof, IP-65
Terminal head material : Die-cast aluminum
Cable entry : ¾" ET (F), 1 No..
Head extension : Adjustable threaded connection
Head extension length : AISI 304 SS mm
Immersion length : 150 mm
Process connection: ½" NPT (M) / ½" BSP (M)