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MP07 High Safety Pressure Gauge - External Zero Adjustment



MIEPL make High Safety SS Pressure Gauges are based on the proven Bourdon tube measuring system. On pressurization, the deflection of the Bourdon tube, proportional to the incident pressure, is transmitted to the movement via a link and indicated. The modular design enables a multitude of combinations of case materials, process connections, nominal sizes and scale ranges. This also have the facility to adjust the Zero error from externally without opening the Bezel. facility to adjust the Zero error from externally without opening the Bezel.

Product Code : MP07
Special Features:
  • Solid front with full blow back.
  • All stainless steel system.
  • External zero adjustment.
  • Dry / liquid filled.
  • Oil & Gas application.
  • High pressure applications.
  • Corrosive & Hazardous environments.
  • Standard Product Details
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Standard Specifications
Dial size : DN100 / DN150
Range : -1...0...1,600bar
Mounting pattern : Direct, Bottom connection
Process connection : ½" NPT (M) / ½" BSP (M)
Ingress protection : IP 65
Execution : Dry but fillable
Zero adjustment : External screw with locking mechanism
Accuracy : CL 1.0
Ambient Temperature : -40...+65°C (without dampening liquid)
-20...+65°C (with dampening liquid)
Service Temperature : 300°C max.
Pressure Limits : Steady pressure up to FS value
Fluctuating pressure up to 90% of FS value
Short time 1.3 x FS value for range up to 100 bar
Short time 1.15 x FS value for range above 100 bar
Weld Joints : TIG argon arc welding
Sensing Elemnets : Bourdon Tube (<100 bar : C - type , >100 bar : Helical)
Case & Ring Material : AISI 304 SS (Bayonet type)
Bourdon Tube & Shank : AISI 316L SS (Shank welded directly to case)
Movement Mechanism : AISI 304 SS
Dial : Aluminum, black graduation on white background
Pointer : Micro-zero adjustable, aluminum, black powder coated
Gaskets, Blow off disc & filling plug : Neoprene / NBR
Window : Shatterproof safety glass
Blow off disc : AISI 304 SS
Diaphragm : NBR
Window : Shatterproof safety glass
Dampening liquid : Glycerin 99.7% [Service temperature up to 65°C]