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MP35 Amonia Pressure Gauge - Economical



MIEPL make SS/MS Powder Coated Pressure Gauges for Ammonia are based on the proven Bourdon tube measuring system. On pressurization, the deection of the Bourdon tube, proportional to the incident pressure, is transmitted to the movement via a link and indicated. The modular design enables a multitude of combinations of case materials, process connections, nominal sizes and scale ranges. They also have the Temperature scale in correlation to the pressure.

Product Code : MP35
Special Features:
  • Economical version.
  • SS measuring system.
  • Compact case.
  • Dry execution.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Standard Product Details
  • Product Brochure
Standard Specifications
Dial size : DN63 & DN100
-1…12.5 bar, -1…16 bar, -1…25 bar
Range : -30"Hg…150 psi , -30"Hg…300 psi 0…300 psi
Mounting pattern : Direct, Bottom connection
Process connection : ¼" BSP (M)
Execution : Dry
Accuracy : CL 1.6
Ambient Temperature : -20…+65°C
Service Temperature : 100°C max
Pressure limits : Steady pressure up to 75% of FS value
Short time 1.3 x FS value for range up to 100 bar
Weld Joints : TIG Argon arc welding / soldering