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MTT21 Wedge Shaped Skin Thermocouple Assembly - 90° Bend Wrap Around - Loop And Wrap Around

Heater Tube(Knife Edge Type)


MIEPL make MTT21 Wedge Shaped Skin Thermocouple. This thermocouple is bended on 90deg angle. this thermocouple used to measure the skin temperature of red heater and industrial boiler tube.

Product Code : MTT21
Special Features:
  • Mineral insulation.
  • Wedge Shaped thick walled Thermocouple.
  • Available in all sheath diameters and sheath material.
  • Grounded Junction in a wedge Shaped tip for direct welding to a tube.
  • For Skin temperature measurement of fired heaters and industrial boiler tubes.
  • Standard Product Details
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Standard Specifications
Element : Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Accuracy : Standard to ISA & ANSI MC96.1
No. of sensors : Simplex
Hot junction : Ungrounded
Sheath material: AISI 316 SS
Sheath diameter: 6.0 mm
Terminal head type: Screwed type, weatherproof, IP- 65
Terminal head material : Die-cast aluminum mm
Cable entry : ¾" ET (F), 1 No.
Installation Type : Perpendicular To Tube Axis &
Expansion Loop : None
Perpendicular Length "P" : 1000mm
Axial Length "A" mm : 200mm
Tube O.D. : 406.4 mm