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Millennium Instruments Limited established in the year 2000 with an idea and concept to provide ultimate solution and satisfaction to cater all type of industries from general purpose to highly sophisticated instrumentation. At Millennium Instruments Limited established , we give value to words very seriously as we keep our commitment positive and response it accordingly.
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Manometer calibration: when and how to do it?
A manometer is a tool to measure pressure in closed systems. Manometers measure different types of pressure, absolute, gauge, and differential. They ...
How does an RTD sensor work and what RTD types are there?
RTD stands for Resistance Temperature Detector, which refers to a type of temperature sensor. As the name suggests, it uses changes in resistance to d...
Pressure Gauges : Common Causes for Failures and Their Effective Solutions
Pressure or vacuum gauges, if get damaged or don’t function properly can lead to leaks and emissions which may result in contamination of workplace or...